Our Playgrounds

The Community League is usually responsible for developing playgrounds, including fundraising, planning and design. Due to the large number of parks being developed at once in our community, our park projects have been headed up by the amazing, hard working parent councils at our local schools. We are proud to have been able to support these projects with some financial support but the hard work was done by the parents in our communities.

Some of these projects have proposed phase 2’s which would be facilitated by the league and community members. If you are interested in assisting with this please email email us at info@horizoncommunityleague.com and we will get you connected to the projects that interest you.

Michael Strembitsky

4110 Savaryn Drive SW

Father Michael Mireau

3010 Spence Wynd SW

Jan Reimer

Under Construction

Shauna May Seneca

Under construction. Phase 2 help needed.

Walker Park

460 Watt Blvd SW Completed.

Phase 2 help needed.