About Horizon Community League

Our Area

Horizon Community League of Edmonton represents residents of Aurora, Sunset Valley, Fields of Summerside, Orchards at Ellerslie, Walker Lakes and Lake Summerside.

The Horizon Community League relies on city grants, sponsorship, fundraising, and volunteers to operate.

The Community League is run by a board of volunteers, elected into the positions for two years. Board positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

In addition to being involved in many community initiatives, the Community League is responsible for the fundraising, design, and development of community parks, our community league lands on 70 St. SW, and playgrounds for new area schools.

What is the Residents Association

We get many questions from both Horizon residents as well as neighbouring communities about the difference between the Horizon Community League and the Summerside Residents Association. The League and Residents Association are separate organizations.

The Summerside Residents Association is a not-for-profit company incorporated under the Companies Act, which has mandatory membership of all property owners of Lake Summerside (not the Orchards, or Fields or Sunset) and an assured source of revenue to fund its operations. It is a closed organization, with access based on a Summerside address.

Horizon Community League Boundaries

The boundaries for the Horizon Community League are everything south of Ellerslie from 50th Street to Calgary Trail.

south clareview community boundaries