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Community Input Sought for Pop Up Dog Park Location

The City of Edmonton is launching a Pop-Up Dog Park Program  in spring 2023

What is a Pop-up Dog Park?
A Pop-up Dog Park is a temporary dog park for neighbourhoods underserved by existing off-leash areas. They will be located primarily on City parkland and will be in place from approximately April - October, depending on weather. The parks will be operated and maintained by the City with etiquette/boundary signage, garbage cans and dog waste bag dispensers.  

Where will they be located?
For our neighborhoods there are several locations being considered.  Neighbourhood and location criteria for pop-up dog parks are available here and take into account the number of licenced dogs and proximity to existing off-leash areas, as well as prior location suggestions

Any pop-up dog parks within a park site that is shared with playgrounds and sport fields, or located adjacent to arterial roads and environmentally sensitive areas, are intended to be fully or partially enclosed using temporary metal fencing.

The City will evaluate public feedback during operation of the pop-up dog park, and site evaluations.  The pop-ups could potentially be made permanent with limited infrastructure.

Community Input
Prior to installation of the pop-up dog parks, limited engagement will take place with community leagues, utility companies, City of Edmonton staff and local residents to assist with decision making around which pop-up dog park locations are most suitable. Once the pop-up dog parks are operational there will be ongoing opportunities for Edmontonians to provide feedback. 

Here is the map of the potential locations

How to Provide your Input
If you have feedback can you relay to the Horizon Community League at or directly to the City of Edmonton at